Board of Directors


  John Caile - Founder and Chairman 
John has over 40 years of experience in handgun shooting and training. As an outspoken victim's rights advocate and gun rights activist, he is widely quoted in the press and is a regular guest on local and national Talk Radio, as well as Network and Public Television. John is one of the few civilian Instructors who have been involved in multiple defensive firearm encounters. John has three grown sons, and lives in Palm Coast, Florida. He is an NRA and SAFE Certified Firearm Instructor, and a staff writer for Concealed Carry Magazine. 


Paul Horvick - Senior Board Member 
Paul started his professional career in education. He then entered law school and maintained a general practice firm in the Twin Cities before returning to education in 1998. He has had a monthly column in a national sports magazine, served as a consultant to many publishing firms including Walt Disney, Bantam, Random House, Addison-Wesley and others. He currently teaches in Twin Valley (MN) He is a Board Member of the Fergus Falls Rifle and Pistol Club, an NRA instructor, a Utah Permit Instructor and North Dakota Firearm Test Administrator. Paul lives with his wife Judy in the Detroit Lakes area. 

Gary Bjergo - Senior Board Member 
Gary is a career Law Enforcement professional who spent over 30 years as a Minneapolis Police Officer in one of the toughest areas of the Twin Cities. He was involved in numerous shootouts; he has had two innocent citizens literally die in his arms. His partner was murdered in a 1992 street gang assassination. He is currently a certified Police Firearms Instructor as well as a Certified Police Armorer. Gary has 50 years of shooting experience. In the Marines he qualified as EXPERT in both Pistol and Rifle. He is NRA Certified in Pistol, Home Firearm Safety, and Personal Protection. He also teaches children’s firearms safety. Gary lives in western Wisconsin. 


 Brian Liddle - Senior Board Member 













*SAFE is approved by the Minnesota Department of Public Safety to train instructors in the Minnesota Personal Protection Act, as required by DPS standards effective October 1, 2005.